I don't even like food

…and i am fat…

Maybe you just like to eat :slight_smile:

Hah that’s funny man…

food sucks

(aside from tikke masala)

eat? i munch…

its the brain that tells you, youre hungry…

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Well, that makes it easy to lose the fat, just ask yourself if you like the food you’re about to eat. If you answer no, put the food back and don’t eat it. :open_mouth:

Hey maybe you should start liking the food and than become thin. Because, Murphys law

im not eating anymore dead animals

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my country went through a famine, thats why i starve myself sometimes, its in the blood

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famines have been in many places and still people do not need to starve themselves.

fasting is good, you can get high from fasting imo

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Well according to Murphy’s law you’re gonna email me back

(excuse my off-topic-ness)

karma is better than murphy’s law

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Yep 'cause she is bitch.

i say to karma, ‘‘what did i do?’’

Will I , strangler?

Excuse my bad English

Strangler? Lol sorry have I been strangling people again?

Oops I meant stranger.
We’re derailing Pedro’s thread!

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derailing>? the train is still on track

Dear Lord. I scared him off :joy: