I Don't do good by my self........By Dr Zen

if I was in the middle of a field I 'am channeling things like past future sprits talking, but not voices, they never seam to know I’m there. now when stress in a place is to noisy I might have heard two or more that were in side me. so I try to limit company and never be totally alone and it works. but has a cost doing things to help others to keep them around isn’t easy. and making dates so as never to have to many other at a time is a art. just why it is I never can stay on the phone to long with out my ear hurting real bad or my arms give out. has to do with age. life is what it is. you just got to make your self happy. then you my make it on your own. no one ever said life was fair, but ive been to so good ones in my days that wasn’t hafe bad.

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Hey, Zen!


I’ve got the opposite problem, I feel better on my own, and get a bit stressed out when I’m with a group of people.

its better to have someone to help and to love and to keep you on your toes, i think we do better when we are with someone,