Trouble with Accepting Good Things

I just have a block. When things get too good I feel a weight of guilt and think I’m not worthy.


Hmm, I understand how you may feel. I don’t really feel that way myself. My problem is that I don’t really understand it when people see good in me and because of that, most of the time I think they don’t.

Does it have to do with selfrespect? Some things we can change, but having this disease and taking heavy drugs limits our options. It’s not fair to compare oneself to “normal”.

That’s an interesting question because I lost my self respect. No matter how many times I forgive myself I am not able to gain it back. My self is estranged from me.

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Would you forgive the next guy if he did what you did? It’s easy to be a lot harder on oneself than one would be to someone else if they did the same thing. At least I find this true for myself. But I am not superhuman. I’m just a person that sometimes make mistakes like the next guy.

I feel the same i never can be good. everything i do only hurts others
cant take the good just negative

I kinda understand. When something good happens to me I don’t feel like I deserve it too. This probably comes from being told I was no good, caused all my families problems, and wouldn’t amount to anything in life

I think in my case it’s learned behavior, like 99.9% of everything in my life.

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drop that sh.t. you are a country and you is the president. never put yourself down. that is bs. rule above this sort of thought. i rise above and i say: you aint getting in my kingdom because we lives in a happy nation.

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