I don’t understand sibling rivalry at all

It makes no sense. I’ve always wanted my siblings to succeed. I’m happy for them that they’re successful. Period.

My sister comes over giving round about advice to my mom about me. She always frames as experiences from work. Then she’ll pause to let it sink in. A topper is that I said I’ve quit smoking for five days. Then five seconds later my sister says you know I’ve quit chapstick for two years. It’s like really you’re still in competition with me? Why in the first place and do I need to come out saying you won a competition I was never. There is a lot of resentment from all three of my siblings about me. I really just wanna ask them if they wanna switch places with me. They wouldn’t last two seconds in my shoes. I’m not gonna lie to you it stings for a second. It’s not because I lost some imaginary contest I was never in. It’s because I want a perfect relationship with my siblings. As they’re chatting and I’m not participating😀. I don’t understand the competition or resentment at all. This makes no sense to me.


One of my brothers is like that. I like him less than my other brother.

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I don’t have that problem with my remaining sister(my other sister died from cancer, did not have an issue with her either.). We get along fine, although I don’t see her that much. Maybe once every 3 weeks or so.

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I really like all my siblings. I’m finding my older sister is more direct with my mom about it. My younger sister does it in a more passive aggressive way. As far as my brother he is estranged but when I did talk to him I heard it in his pitch inflection . It’s hard for me to tolerate passive aggressive people. It reminds me of the abuse I took from my ex mil. It’s ■■■■■■■ ridiculous and fake. I’ll just keep the relationship kosher. She’s nice to me and we have had fun together.

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It’s like every time she comes over she has an agenda. I think she’s still bitter my mom kicked her out.

Do people really go into social interactions with agendas?

My brother,like me, isn’t very competitive. My sister isn’t overly competitive either, but there’s always been resentment bubbling away ,above or just below the surface, re my having a mental illness.

She resented the attention I got, although much of it was negative.She always been my father’s favourite,just as my brother was my mother’s favourite.

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In my family, it’s a matter of us having the commonality of all being born into the same family and having the same parents. But that’s where the commonality ends.

Basically, although we all love each other, and will defend each other to the death, we don’t really like each other very much. So, we stay out of each other’s way.

Me and my siblings. I feel I want to be confident like them too. They sort of inspire me.
Every single one if them. In different ways since they are all so different.

I used to think that I wished I didn’t have siblings because I felt too much pressure to become confident like them.

But now I see that it is realistic that I can become confident too eventually.

My confidence is already improving.

So the pressure is now not overwhelming but instead it is a sort of motivational stress. Which I consider a good thing.

Considering that we all support one another too now to a degree, I think that I prefer having siblings.

Well I do have them so it’s just a matter of learning to love it!

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