Do you have a good relationship with your siblings?

I have a great relationship with my sister.

It’s just the two of us, so that makes it easier, I think.

Talked to her last night and found myself a little jealous of her life.

She lives in NYC, has a movie coming out in a couple months that’s probably going to get nominated for an Oscar, basically lives her dream.

I’ll mention she’s also schizophrenic so I can’t blame the MI for my lack of success.

I write, and something may come of that one day, but who knows about that.

Talking to her just always makes me envious so I feel like I don’t call as often as I should.

She’s really my best friend,

I need to just get over it and call a couple times a week instead of every other week.

Do you compare yourself to your siblings?

Do you have a good relationship with them?


My siblings and I are all very close, even though we don’t talk or see each other a lot.

Some of us went through some bad childhood traumas together.

We all love each other very much.

It’s complicated though.

Does this all make sense?

By the way Rex, your sister sounds like a badass for having schizophrenia and making it in the film business! :slight_smile:


WE LIVE A FAR so we get along. calls all the time trip when needed. I have so that don’t most do and iam glad . as my kids go. we talk.

I made it to my brothers sh*t list for talking about weed at thanksgiving.

But Illinois was going legal so it kind of was a good conversation topic.

My brother has something perpetually shoved up his ass. It’s easy to get on his ■■■■ list and it takes a LONG time to get off of it.


I get on with my sister who has Down syndrome. And I have one good brother I think, the other only cares about money and land.


She’s a total badass.

If her department gets nominated,

She might even get to go to the ceremony.


You seem like a really powerful woman @anon54386108, is there a stigma for sz where you live or do you just get on with it even though there is a stigma?

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I feel like I should add that you’re also a badass, Rexy.

You cope with a lot, every day.


You too, homie!

We all cope with a lot.


I don’t face a lot of stigma.

My community doesn’t know I have schizophrenia and I live a pretty normal life.

The only real red flag from outsiders is that I don’t work,

But that’s also common around here,

For women not to work.

So, no, I don’t really deal with stigma.


I do have a good relationship with one sibling, but not the other.

Just have the one younger sister. We get along now as adults but we aren’t friends. That’s okay. I’ve tried way too hard to take an interest in her life and her kids. The energy expenditure versus the results is too disproportionate for me to care anymore.

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My brother and I are pretty close. He’s 6 years older than me. He doesn’t deal with mental health issues like I do.


My sister and I get along great, though we don’t actually see each other that often. Her birthday is next week, so I’ll probably go to her house for that. We were very close as kids; we had to stick together to survive our childhood.

I have a so-called brother who I haven’t spoken to in years; I don’t even know for sure if he’s alive or dead, and I don’t care either way. He put my sister and I through various forms of abuse growing up. She and I disowned him a long time ago.

The rest of the family disowned him in 2013, when he fought my sister and I over our dad’s remains. The dumbass insisted on a casket funeral, even though our dad had been dead for an estimated 10-11 days when his body was found, partially decomposed. Dumbass. Our dad’s wishes involved cremation, anyway. My sister had to go to court, which took a couple months, to get an order for cremation. Yeah, he’s a real piece of ■■■■, not to mention a certified sociopath.

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I have a younger biological sister, and then 2 younger step-brothers. We do get along well together, although i live interstate so seeing each other doesn’t occur very often.

I get along well with both of my sisters. They both came to visit me states away the first time I was hospitalized.

One of them has a high paying job and lives in a million dollar home and the other one owns her own graphic arts business. The artist lives in Atlanta right in the middle of downtown so I don’t see her as often but my other sister lives in my town.


Yes I do but wasn’t always good. I’m thankful for them.


I agree @anon54386108.

P.S. Can she get me free tickets to her movie? I might go to New York one of these years.


My sister is my hero, I’ve always looked up to her. Even if she scares me sometimes. I have two brothers I rarely talk to but I would do anything for. One I get along with fairly well. The other we always seem to fight. But still he’s my bobo and I love him very much. Even if he is a pompous jackass sometimes.


Me and my two sisters fought a lot growing up though they don’t remember it that way. And my two sisters had problems with each other in high school. It’s funny because about four years ago we were all talking and we all said the same thing about each other. None of us really remembers each other as children. We were all so busy with our own friends.

We had periods where we hung out or did things together but we didn’t really hang out or play a lot together. But once we all got out on our own we all get along great. Being more social and mature than me they did a lot more things together but they invited me along sometimes. I had a couple of my own friends anyways but it was always fun to go out with them. That’s how it’s been since we’re adults.

When I got ill at age 19 they tried to include me in whatever they’re doing. That is part of the reason my recovery is so good. I’ve just done a ton of stuff with them. A lot of varied things too. I even lived with my middle sister in my thirties. And that’s how it’s been.

Unfortunately, I started turning down invitations maybe 6 years ago. They kept on asking me to go places though but I always declined, I don’t know why. But now they still get along great and go places and do things.

I started isolating several years ago so to help me we all have dinner at one of their houses once a week and occasionally we go out to eat. Occasionally we do entertainment stuff and might go to a movie or a play or some other thing. When we’re together we get along great which is a miracle because I’m 58 and they’re 61 and 62. I mean we have known each other 58 years and still want to be around each other. It’s amazing.


I have two younger brothers who are technically half brothers. The youngest one is 22, and I get along great with him. The older one is 26, and we rarely talk. I played World of Warcraft with him for a few months, and we talked a lot, and that was nice. I ended up quitting the game and haven’t talked to him much since. I should text him every now and then I guess. He never really dealt with my illness well, felt like our mom was giving me unfair priority when I was sick. He’s a good kid though.