I don’t think I have schizophrenia

I really don’t. I’ve been diagnosed sza several times but I think I might’ve just had serotonin syndrome from the vyvanse and Zoloft I’d been taking. A lot of people on this site say that denial is common and even a symptom in sza. I really think there’s good evidence I’ve been misdiagnosed though. What are the implications of this?

What are the implications if this is actually true*

You might be in remission.

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I’ve only had one episode and it was while I was on vyvanse and Zoloft last year. I’ve made it several months without antipsychotics this past year too. I was taking evekeo and lexapro up until a few days ago though, which was making me mildly psychotic until I stopped taking the lexapro

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My experience of psychosis also seems to be much more mild than others have shared on this site

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You must have been diagnosed with something to be taking those drugs. We do not like to see people go off their meds without supervision.


Maybe get a second opinion from a different doctor. It may not be schizophrenia but if they put you on medication they must have seen something seriously wrong. It’s fine to ask questions on here but if you have doubts about your diagnosis then that is something you should discuss with your family or a doctor.

There really is such a thing as a misdiagnosis but we can’t tell if you are schizophrenic or not. But if you have been diagnosed several times the evidence kind of leans toward your doctors are right.


The doctor are trained for these,talk to them

You may have bipolar if the anti depressant made you psychotic. You could be schizoaffective bipolar type? I have manic episodes with psychosis when ever I am given antidepressants. They said that is common in bipolar individuals. So I don’t ever take antidepressants! I have schizoaffective bipolar type. I take seroquel, and it helps lessen the voices a little. The episodes still happen, just not as bad or intense. Sometimes it helps, then I have a bad few weeks. I wish it would work better. I’m too scared to try anything else, so I just keep taking what I take, even if it isn’t working totally. I don’t feel as bad as I did 9 months ago. It was really scary, and didn’t know if I was going to make it. Took a few meds, and this med has been the best as far as functioning goes, but the voices are still present everyday. I just try to ignore or distract myself with music or YouTube. Reading or games on my phone. Tv if possible, but sometimes I have trouble sitting still. I sometimes wonder if the diagnosis is wrong, or some sort of plan against me. But I know if I quit my meds it can all go bad really fast.


Misdiagnosis is possible but we aren’t the right people to ask


It’s best to ask your pdoc why he has given you a schizophrenia diagnosis.


I hope you dont have schizophrenia.


Maybe its just a mild form of sz. I know thats what one of my old research doctors told me thats what i have or seems like i have. You probably heard this already but i would try getting a second opinion. Just be thankful you know what it is because i got my diagnosis simply because i never heard of hearing voices. But i believed in possesion and all the other super natural stuff. If i would have known what sz was at the time i was hearing voices and went in and got help, i probably wouldnt even have this diagnosis…


I’ve felt the same in the past, and then when i go off meds (with doc supervision, mind) I crash back into a worse psychosis than ever before. It’s horrible. Please don’t do anything about your meds without a doctor’s supervision.


it’s best not spread around to non believer that taking psych meds

causes psychosis.


I dont know. I know what sz is but i have no idea what schizoaffective disorder is…my friend has it, but i dont. I guess sza is when you are healthy …no sz…but you sometimes have sz like symptoms.

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The only time I’ve experienced mania is while I serotonin syndrome and had been taking an AD and stim at the same time, I’ve never heard voices, I generally don’t get paranoid. Only thing is about a year ago I did get paranoid, but like I said no voices and I also had serotonin syndrome. I’ve had about 4 diagnoses of sza over the years, other doctors have told me that it’s not sza. I’m honestly at a loss

I have, to my knowledge, not expereinced voices, no hallucinations at all… yet the pdoc was quick to say it was schizophrenia… 8 years later and no psychosis the pdoc only changed it to bipolar because she questioned as a second opinion


If true that’s interesting. What are your symptoms then?

Well they diagnosed schizophrenia based on delusions… it’s possible i may have it but for now it’s bipolar on record…