I don’t need to see pdoc potentially for four more months


He gave me 6 month supply of abilify and Zoloft. I asked for as much naltrexone as possible so he gave me twelve month supply of that. I don’t take klonopin anymore. There’s no need to see him unless stuff goes sour. Maybe I’ll check in with him in two months. But doing great I have enough meds. Last time he asked why I was there. I said “because it’s been a month”. But if I don’t need to see him no need to??


I don’t see a Pdoc anymore, just regular GP for meds, I can go back if things go bad


I usually go every 6 weeks and I think the same thing! We usually just talk about the state of cricket and a quick how’s the symptoms. Sometimes, if I have enough scripts, I will go every 3 months. I’m uber stable so it’s really just a social call. My shrink is so busy I have to book ahead like 6 months and you just never know if you really need help!


I see my pdoc the 25th this month. I’m hearing voices in the tv still changing words and internal voices. Paranoia of people talking about me. Avolition. I wish I could get rid of sz.


I go every three months. Why would you want to go every month. It doesnt seem like you need to.


I go once a month. :deer::deer::deer:


I just got bumped from once every 1 or 2 weeks to once a month. This must mean I am doung well. :grin:


I don’t see my pdoc regularly. Just on an as needed basis. I see the nurse when I need refills of my Risperdal.


Sounds like you need your meds changed somehow.


I think he will raise the mg on latuda. Right now I’m on 120mg.


What other meds have you tried? Why is your pdic married to Latuda?


I’m happy for you that you’re doing well enough not to see him as often! That’s great!


I’ve been improving on it. Latuda. It took me a long time to get to latuda. I’m not doing the clozapine.sorry. I’m not.


Ah I see. I’m so glad that you’re improving. It was getting hairy there for a minute. I was really worried. I hope that you continue to get better from here, even if you have to raise the Latuda. I wish you well @roxanna.


Thanks. I’m glad you don’t take things serious lol. Hugs


If we take things too seriously, we miss out on the joyously ridiculous aspects of life, and I say this having absolutely zero idea what you said that would make me turn into a keyboard warrior. Lol, :hugs:.