Irritated with my pdoc

I’m currently going through medication changes. I’m on Clozapine 350mg and Abilify 5mg. I’m also on Clonidine .2mg for anxiety and Rubinol for the drooling from clozapine. My pdoc just started me on the Abilify last time we met, and then she scheduled to see me in 2 weeks. She does this every meeting even tho I need to be seem more often. She downplays all of my symptoms and barely even asks about them. All I have to do is hold on until July when she gets replaced.

but ever 2 weeks going to pdoc is not that long… when i was in bad periods i saw my pdoc once every 4 weeks… except for in the psych ward i have to say then i saw pdoc more often.

But if you really think it’s not often enough then you need to tell that to your pdoc.


The reason that I feel every 2 weeks is too long is because my previous pdoc met with me every single week

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I think some take the approach of focusing too much on the history on the computer and what the nurses and stuff ‘observe’

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