I don’t have children and I’m fine with that

Until I get sick and want to adopt.
Tried to adopt some of the patients on the ward one of them was 26 aha :triumph:



Seems Reasonable. . . . . . .

I’m ready to start a family.


My partner wants us to be cat parents. I’m okay with that :cat:


I am a cat parent. I’m gonna be a dog parent and also I wanna make a human.


I can’t have kids due to sz.

I can’t have a partner either due to sz.

If I ever have human babies, I would want to adopt


i think life is easier for me having no kids…theres no worries about them being abducted which is the worst thing that could happen…i know its very rare but id be worried about letting my 10 yr old kid out to play freely…id have to keep check on him all the time

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I kinda’ wanted to have children, but I never got around to it. Maybe it was for the best.

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I’m ok with not having kids as well. I’d rather it be that way.

I have a budgie baby and a hubby baby lol :laughing::laughing: And that’s enough for me! :blush:

Sometimes I have gotten the want for a child. The whole pregnancy deal too. But there’s too many risks involved for what it is worth. Including a caesarian. And then the life of the child. Oh yea… I have not got the money for a child either. I think life will be OK without a child. I will probably have lots of nieces and nephews anyway. I know it is not the same thing. But it is still something.

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I Will One Day Meet Snow White. Without Her Friends Hopefully.

I Already Wrote Three Long Essays To The King Where Snow White Resides.

Asking For His Permission To Impregnate My Future Wife To Be.

So We Can Rule (Together), For Eternity.

It’s A Longshot i Know!.

But!, With Her Hand In Marriage, And I As Her Captain.

The Universe…, Will…, Be In It’s Final Resting Place.

IN PEACE (!!!).


same here… no kids for me but it’s ok, i have my nieces and nephew…