Friday nights are meant to be fun

lots of people can’t wait for the weekend to come because it is ‘party time’ and they can let loose and really enjoy themselves, well i can honestly say i have never really experienced that because i was scared and had no-one to go with,

like when i was just out of school and working i had no time to go out on the weekend as i was working and getting really dirty and after it i was so exhausted bc it was so stressful i just wanted to relax so i missed the whole friday/saturday night thing and i wasn’t that great mentally either so i don’t think that would have helped.

then i was diagnosed and i couldn’t really do anything after that but now i am thinking maybe i could.

have you ever been out on the weekend partying and how did it go?

I have lived Friday nights alone for many years, I know that people go out and party, I just do not feel like it, I suppose I partied enough when I lived in my auto in Miami and elsewhere in America over two years, I am a weird person, I often just danced alone in nightclubs, was fun.

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There were many times in my twenties where I partied every day of the week. I wasn’t very productive though. There were times it was fun. There were times I was a drunken high mess. Then there were times I spent Friday nights alone at home. Now I go out with my boyfriend. We don’t party but I always have so much fun with him. I’m too old to party like I used to and I really have lost all desire to. Don’t feel bad that you don’t. :sunny:

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I was usually drunk. I don’t look on those times as good.

Oh the Parties !! let’s see…Bloodfest Ball in college probably ranks as the best party I’ve ever been to. It was thrown on Halloween Weekend on a Saturday night and it was “costume only” which made it hilarious. Lots of kegs and lots of drunk people all dressed up nice. I went as Captain Kirk one year and the next year I was kind of broke and went in a scuba outfit sans scuba tank. Parties in high school were really stellar and “excellent” haha I’m dating myself here…anyways, yes I have partied almost most of my life. Had a party this last wednesday with my girlfriend and it was such a blast. ( I drank…I do once a month now. ) She gets really giggly on Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum and Coke. We have these classy tumblers with ice that we use. Drinking out of the small tumblers with double shots is a nice ramp for a night partying. I don’t like the hangovers however.

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I’m now middle-aged and enjoy a quiet evening at home with the family. After dinner we plan to play some Scrabble, some Cribbage, and a bit of Boggle together. We may watch an episode of Once Upon A Time as that is a show we all enjoy. No booze, no weed, no loud music here.

I used to be a partier, so much so that I wound up in a 12 step program. Much happier now that I’ve left that shiz behind me.



In high school, weekends were natural party times. EVERY weekend. Frequently we found about parties from certain people at school, certain kids just always knew where the parties were going to me. If we didn’t hear where a party was, we would just drive around town looking for one. If we were lucky we would stumble upon a party. All the cars parked up and down the street, people drinking beer and spilling out of the house to outside on to the sidewalk and the front yard. The loud music blasting. But what we did a lot to was go over one of my friends house and just maybe three or four of us would party in his bedroom.We always got drunk and smoked TONS of pot. His mother was in the living room watching TV or laying down in her room. She knew what we we doing but she rarely bothered us. My friend was the youngest of six kids and I guess since every kid was a stoner she just resigned herself to the fact that she could not stop any of them from drinking and doing drugs. So we would have our Michelob, and our bong and my friend would put on some Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd or Deep Purple and crank it up loud so that the windows rattled. This was our life. We were teenagers with no responsibility; no jobs yet, living with our parents, no bills to pay, no rent to worry about, a little extra money from selling joints. Those were the days.


During High School especially Senior year, there was a party every weekend and I attended a lot of them - I would mostly get drunk or buzzed, my experimentation with drugs happened during my college years.
Now that I am middle aged, I like to remain quiet and sober - my idea of a good time, is watching my favorite TV show while relaxing on the couch :tv:

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I don’t look back on my party days as fun. After a while… it wasn’t just Friday night… it was every night and then every morning was a hang over or feeling like I just crawled back from the dead or trying to figure out where I am, where my clothing is, where my kid sis is… and what in the heck did I just do to myself.

Teens gather on our beach to party almost every friday and I cringe when I see kids who can hardly walk go staggering into the water…

I like my Friday’s the way they are now. My sis and I do our weekly shopping Friday evenings… the store is more empty then a Sunday afternoon… the drunk frat boys are so out of their head, dressed in toga’s and Pj’s that no one notices me. It’s a show every time.

I haven’t felt like I was missing out on a Friday night in ages…just another night to me really. Even back during my drinking days I thought nothing of staying in on a Friday night. Heck I don’t even feel bothered staying in on New Years…as the options are partying or freezing your butt off downtown with the family crowd. Crowds aren’t my favorite and neither were bars really even when I was a drinker…too crowded and loud for me.

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