I discovered the truth, still married

Recently I discovered the truth that I am still married to my American wife, this was in some official records, so I suppose I am still married, have not seen her in the past 17 years, the world is a strange place.


That would be quite the shocker.


Maybe that’s business you should check into. If you have any money she might be able to get some of it. What if you want to get married again? There could be other complications.


Works the other way around as well, he gets half of whatever she might have, including debts. If she hasn’t contacted him in 17 years, My first question is she still alive.
Oh looky us all up in his business…sorry.

When I saw her in March 2000, she was a rich woman. Maybe now she is even richer … the years have passed …

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I didn’t think of that.

What a bummer! Couldn’t you get an annulment?

I am so far from the law offices in the high rise buildings in major American cities where I once was. I am this paranoid schizophrenic person wearing my German camouflage military jacket with my amphibious boots and my German military backpack walking around in the sunny winter spring weather in Eastern Finland not too far from the Russian border.

It may be a big international love story … well Trump has an international wife too, just look at the world markets … this is no political … it is just about love … people have many ways to show love.

How did I discover that I am probably still married? Basically somebody is using my cell phone number and I get some messages occasionally and now I did receive a message to my phone from my phone Company telling me that I had changed my address, Immediately I thought that somebody had stolen my indentity and then I asked one lady to tell me how to check this out, and she directed me to one official database and I had to use my security codes to access the database and there was my record with all my information including the info that I was still married with the name of my American wife. So this is what happened.

I misspelled ‘identity’, basically I discovered the truth when I was after potential identity thieves.

@mjseu if this bothers you, see a lawyer if it doesn’t just let things be.

I just let things be.

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@mjseu you have a beautiful avatar.