20 years ago I knew my marriage was doomed

Basically I was tired of being married in America, I stopped saying ‘I love you’, I just saw the marriage ending, which probably was good, five months later my former American spouse said ‘You have not said ‘I love you’ any longer.’ I just was depressed and tired and it was also the time I started having more voices. So the marriage was doomed and after that I have not had any relations with any woman in any country. Maybe it was okay.

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Aw damn that’s sad. Hope you don’t feel too much remorse about divorcing your wife. I hope you are ok today and live without regret!! After all you were sick for the first time. That’s tough. Do you know where your wife is today?

I do not know where my former US spouse is and quite frankly I do not want to know. People continue their lives after divorces. America has the high divorce rate.

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The lawyer who handled the divorce asked where they can mail the divorce papers and I gave them one address in Europe. These papers have not yet arrived there, well after over 19 years. I am quite sure this lawyer is dead already because he was an old man over 19 years ago.

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I stopped telling my ex hubby that I loved him. He killed the love I had for him.

Long time ago almost a year before my wedding in America, one priest told that American women like to hear ‘I love you’, I do not know if this is the case.

I do, but only if it’s the truth. No need to overdo it, though. :wink:

I have this delusion that the ending of my marriage in America was somehow linked to the rise of Putin and his troops to power in Russia. Somehow things just evolved in that way. I was in New Mexico in Sept 1999 and I started having hallucinations that I went through some kind of self-removal during which I got the understanding that I was a KGB code name, Vladimir and NSA counter-intelligence agent. Somehow I just had these hallucinations. A long time has passed.

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