I didnt take my medication

I skipped yesterday on purpose,i just felt no reason to take and rather rot and die…

I don’t believe medication is always good, but be careful with this. Some people need medication.
It’s always best to try and get help to detox properly or you could get really ill. Is it the medication making you feel this way or is there something else going on?

I just restarted medication, mainly because of life stressors,I manage to got off meds for 1 year…your right medication is necessary for some

For me my medication is what acts as the thin veil between me and near constant suffering. So I value it a great deal. I think it’s easier to say you’re fine with the suffering than actually experience it. There were a lot of times where I quit therapy or meds saying well I’ll manage. But it was horrible. I don’t kid myself anymore.

I’ve always taken what doctors give me even when rabidly psychotic. It’s the one constant and I take stuff for my cholesterol and for gout these days as well.

Sz is a tough cop for sure but there’s really only one proven thing and you know this. If you lasted a while without but needed to go back on them then that would be a pretty closed and shut case that I’d need them…

Saying that. I can miss my antipsychotic for a day without problems. I miss my antidepressant in the mornings and by lunch I’m all weirded out. I would say it’s withdrawal is pretty severe that effexor at a good dose.

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