By this time tomorrow

… It will have been a week since I stopped taking my medication. So far no symptoms.

Why are you stopping medication?

Did a doctor tell you to do this? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Id feel negative about this decision if you weren’t pursing it properly. But since you didn’t say… I’ll wish you the best!

I’m stopping medication because I just really am having trouble giving a ■■■■. About anything.

How’s your schedule. Like what is it that you can’t do. Maybe your just struggling for a moment with those things. Take a break and try something new. That’d be something to do. And starting new things is the easiest thing to not give one to.

you can try different therapies

and socio-psychological well-being

to better the way you view yourself and the world.

This doesn’t have to mean Chin up, and all that stuff,
but I’m going to ask my pdoc if I can just lower my meds

and take care of myself. I’m already on the upswing,
but I’m scared to death to relapse.


also, did you discuss this with any loved ones? Quitting meds?

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They say that the medications is still in your body’s system

You may feel great,because the medication is still in your body

I started my meds again :weary:


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