I didn't know sex is a need

Just ignorance on my part. A lack of sex education was common in my day. I thought only worry is what keeps people together. And I worried and worried. No matter. It’s never to late to learn.


They say it’s a need. Maslow’s piramid talks about it.

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Yes. As soon as one is old enough to notice the physical difference between boys and girls, one can be told and understand that the difference creates the need.

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Yes, the play of masculine and feminine energies is always happening. We can’t deny it.

I’m told kindergarten romances can get pretty intense.

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yes, but if you abstain for long enough,
you develop wizard-like powers.
like monks and such.


I did semen retention for more than 80 days. Despite getting better with depression, it didn’t give me super powers.

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i’ve gone for much longer than that,
and let me tell you. first hand experience,
super powers lol


I must be harry potter then :roll_eyes:


i have a million puns and jokes right now,
such as, even harry went into the chamber of secrets, and he obviously plays with his wand,
but i’m gonna restrain myself and stop before i go too far lol


In my opinion, it’s a want.
Sure, one might need release, and crave the intimacy, but many people forget that both release and intimacy can happen without sex.

I say intimacy is a need, and release is a need, but sex, the act of combining the two, is a want.

Afyer how many days did you feel super powers? I heard that guy of Infinite Waters saying he would feel a super man after 1 year of nofap.

Kindergarten “romance” is a simple crush and has nothing to do with sex or sexuality. They just know they like someone. Sometimes it’s same sex too even though later in life when the person becomes sexual they are heterosexual. Children are not sexual. They are asexual. Even if they masterbate they just know that touch there feels pleasant. People aren’t sexual until well into puberty when their sex hormones really kick in. Please don’t sexualize children.


When I said “play”, I didn’t mean kids.

I love sex, i wish i could have some but its not up to me, i just wait and hope lol


I didn’t mean anything about explicit sex and children, just a friendship or a love.

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Oh ok. I get really sensitive about that.

You’re kidding right? XD

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nO, i Am SuPeR SeRiOuS lol

Sex is just masturbating in style.