Satisfying sexual needs

I know that it is important to satisfy sexual needs, especially for men. After the summer of 1999 I have not had any female relations, because of my bad experiences with women, but I masturbate sometimes. I have calculated that if I masturbate two times a week, five minutes each time I can satisfy my biological sexual needs quite well. This is just 10 minutes a week for satisfying sexual needs. What about you?

I drink milkshakes. Rich chocolate.


sexual needs? Duh, don’t cast thy seed upon the stone.

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Umm…I have sex and make out with people rather often…I need it. I also masturbate at least every other night. I am regularly making out with a guy from my night class in the bathroom after class (just did), he lives with his boyfriend and Im not gonna push it any further with him, I dont wanna be a home wrecker. But damn he’s fine.

I am actively dating, have a date with a guy tomorrow actually. Ive been dating a lot of guys lately looking for someone who is smart, independent and attractive. I last had sex two and a half weeks ago with an old friend. I had a female partner for two months before that. Im bisexual by the way, I like men and women. I like guys more on average, some girls turn me off with their make up and nail polish and jewelry. I like naturally beautiful people…guys usually dont wear make up or jewelry. I mean I did make out with a guy who wore eye liner but he was damn sexy.

I am 20 years old and a powerlifter, you should note. I am rather narcissistic but it’s a fact that my body is picturesque.

I just like being young and having a desirable body. It’s not like everyone looks like me, I know that and I behave accordingly.

And this guy im going to the gym with tomorrow seems promising! He’s a grad student at my school and we met by dancing with our shirts off at a club, so I already have broken the ice with him. He’s smart and attractive, I’m feeling like my hard work dating losers has paid off!

I probably partially mean to insult you but this is true for me - The perfect body in men is much the same as the nail polish, make-up and jewelry in women.


I am totally straight,I like woman,but nv been sex with woman but I beat the chicken mostly once a day.

Married. Life can be great there.

It can be a bit annoying for me, being 23 and all. I’ve never had the pleasure of being with anyone sexually before. I’ve made out with some guys before but something always happens that sours the moment. It doesn’t help that there aren’t many gay guys around here either. And even if I did find someone there’s this whole mental thing to get over.

I just take care of myself these days. Apparently I turn into a jerk whenever I don’t find some way to release tension regularly. :stuck_out_tongue:

It makes me wonder about myself a bit when I read the clinical stuff on why and how a man NEEDS to release sexual tension… because for a while there… I didn’t.

For almost 3 years I was in encased in a deep negative symptom wax build-up, I had no emotions, no reactions… life was rust brown and nothing. I don’t know if I was in the deepest negative state possible or if I was having a period of Catatonic Episode. But for a long time the need, the desire, or even the small gleaning of stimulus wasn’t there at all. I was no sexual. Been celibate for a long time.

But meds got changed, therapy got changed, life got changed… parts of my brain began waking up and working and then other parts of myself began waking up. I was more then surprised when I felt my body wake up after so long.

The odd thing was, this hit about the same time I could feel my hands and feet again too. I knew where my feet and hands were again. It got easier to walk again because I could feel my feet beneath me. I quit knocking stuff over because I could feel how long my arm was again and I could feel more in control of my fingers.

It’s taken a bit to feel less clumsy and sort out the coordination. But now that I’m physically awake, now I’m becoming more receptive to the idea of taking a friendship further. I have nothing against masturbation, but for some reason I’m rarely in the mood for that. Other things turn me on and then my brain is happy. Many times it has nothing to do with my pants. I guess I’ll just have to see what happens as I heal.

But it’s natural. I dont like cosmetics because they’re lies.

I don’t really care of a girl wears a lot of make-up or not. It’s a bit silly for surfer girls or surfer guys for that matter, the ocean washes stuff off.

But a selfish, intolerant attitude will shine through the thickest make-up or no make-up at all.

Beauty is only skin deep, but snobbery, prejudice and intolerance go all the through.


Smell is also something, when I left the house in Atlanta and went to live in an automobile, I took all perfumes of my former U.S. spouse with me, these lasted about one year, there were some nice perfumes from Estee Lauder and others. I like good smells.

It’s all for a cosmetic effect.

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Did the perfumes remind you of your ex-wife?

No, I have just bad memories about her, but I valued these perfumes. Sometimes I dressed nicely and went to Miami clubs and wore these perfumes and I am sure people noticed it and thought I was a gay, but I am not. I just like beautiful smells. It is my female side.


I have never told this to anybody, but I often think that no woman can be as a good woman to myself as I can be to myself.

When I traveled in the world I satisfied my sexual needs in many places such as in the restroom of one church in Los Angeles, in the restroom of the airplane over the Atlantic ocean, in my automobile at night in Miami and so on. It is important biologically to satisfy sexual needs, one of the most fundamental needs of each human on this planet.

In the 1970s when my father had gone to France and he brought back some sexual magazines and kept these in one secure location. I was just 10 years old and I often took secretly these magazines and watched images and satisfied my sexual needs. Nobody really knew about this. It was then the time of the sexual revolution in the world.

There’s no adjusting to a personality different from your own.

Many people do stupid things when they try to satisfy sexual needs, Clinton was almost kicked out, Julian Assange is now trapped in the embassy of London and so on, but these are very basic needs people have.