I could have sworn I heard my nephew cooing

Just a minute ago, my adopted sister was snoring and I swear I heard my nephew cooing. He is only a baby and does not live with us, and I can swear I heard him. I jumped amlittle adn I am kinda freaking out now ;_;

Is the TV on? Radio? Even in the background. As it gets me most of the time like that. Just sometimes our minds pick up on certain sounds and drowns out others. Sort of selective hearing especially while your busy concentrating on something else. .

im listening to pandora right now but that is it. I’m listeing to my sister snore though. I just heard the song i’m listening to say ‘You are a little ■■■■.’ I’m pretty sur I have sz,but i’m not diagnosed it yet…

A good pdoc will not dx someone under about 19 years old as your still growing. So don’t worry about the diagnosis to much. It’s good news for you though as any work you do in therapy will help you more. So you have a very good chance of having a long healthy happy life if you are working with a therapist now.

Not sure on the time difference but figuring it’s late there. As I said in your other post my symptoms come more towards the end of the night.

The S word is also a derogatory word that has no place in today’s society. Ignore it and ignore the people that use it.

actually it is in the late morning. XD and thanks.

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I have been playing a baking game and I can also smell the various smells in the shop I am working in in the game…

Write down what you been hearing and smelling. Might be an idea to write down what you where doing at the time also. As soon as you can show that to your pdoc.

What’s the baking game btw?

it’s called Papa’s Cupcakeria, and you can find it here:


just warning you, it works better if you have a touchscreen.

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