Silly... But this made me laugh

So, usually my kid sis will make a light breakfast for me the night before so I have something to take with my meds right off.
I’ve been trying to cook for myself more. So I didn’t make a breakfast last night. I was trying to stay focused and while I cooked something before I took my meds this morning. The voices were amping up.

I was sure I was hearing my name shouted out again and again. “James please come outside” over and over. I was ignoring it. I wasn’t going to let my head circus get to me. I was going to use my strength and ignore my head circus.

Then the phone rang and it was the voice on the answering machine… “James… Please come outside… Please come outside”

I was getting freaked out. Very freaked out… until there was a knocking on my back patio door and I could see it was my neighbor. I opened the door, and I could still hear the voice… “James… Please come outside”

My neighbor told me that my kid sister is lightly pinned under the tire of my car by her skirt. She was changing a tire on my car and it slipped of a jack a little and she can’t get her skirt free or get out of her skirt. So she’s been out there all this time screaming at me to come outside. I’m so used to ignoring my internal voices, I’m starting to ignore the external ones now too… :smile:

I did ask why didn’t she yell help? She didn’t want to scream help because she wasn’t hurt and she didn’t want to freak me out… That was when I found this to be funny.


Thanks for that! I got a good laugh from it.

One way I know if what I’m hearing is real or not is if I hear my first name being called. Everyone I know calls me Anthony. But my voices always call me by my first name, James.

So if I hear James, I immediately dismiss it!



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My voices will sometimes call me Jimmy. I HATE being called Jim or Jimmy. It sort of makes me cringe. I won’t answer. Even just seeing the letters in that formation makes me a bit queazy. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve completely ignored some people’s remarks before as hallucinations and then they will say them again! Sometimes it’s funny, like they say something crude or just strange and I’m like “that was weird enough to question”

Yes, I can see the humor in it. But it could have turned out bad, a jack slipping is how people get badly injured or killed as you both well know. Tell her to be extremely careful next time as I’m sure she will be. One of the first things I did when I got my car in 2002 was to go out on a sunny day and change the tire according to the manual. A dry run.To familiarize myself with the process BEFORE an emergency and getting stranded by a flat tire. To get comfortable with where the jack needs to be placed, how to take the hubcap off, how to take the lug nuts off and then put a tire on and reverse the steps in proper order correctly.

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i kind of feel guilty for laughing but that is pretty funny !
take care

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I don’t get voices. I don’t understand how the personalities are caused, and why the voices are separate from my own, but somehow know things almost as if some secret source told them. My suspicion is that it holds answers to the realm of the soul. I wish more people were focused on spiritual training and developing internal wisdom. I am drawn consistently to immortality, soul preparation, rational thought, and wisdom. I believe that soul preparation is what will take us to the spirit world. But that the next world is not of the flesh.

I did get a new car jack yesterday after that incident, and next week I’ll have 4 new tires on the car.

I want to get a new jack for her car because she still drives that Beast of a station wagon and should that thing roll, there will be no stopping it.

i use to check cars to make sure they were road worthy, has her car been checked lately? just wondering lol

and i hear my name all the time and every time it freaks me out, i sometimes hear my friend calling for me like saying ‘where are you’ as if she is in distress and it is pretty hard to ignore, luckily it doesnt happen all the time but the name thing happens quite a lot.

p.s. my dad had a jack go down on him twice, first time he had to lift the car off of himself but he was ok second time he was in traction.