Listen all you want buddy

You’re listening to a obsessed got to listen to floor.I guess your girlfriend don’t know about your boyfriend on the side.

Never said a word to any of you. September 17 bet you remember that.

He’ll stick that menu right up your ass son. Messing with a schizophrenic. Got to get your jollies listening to liars.

Just got called a hoe. Word of the day, Satan, he’s on the loose. Satan is a proper noun I think, u got earplugs.

Hello how are you

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What’s going on roxamna? Not sure I understand

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I’m just going on about my neighbors who spy on me. Just rambling. I hope my therapist can help me today.

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I have therapy in 20 minutes I’m walking at the park right now. I need it today lol

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Walking is nice
I went walking today near sea front


How to get myself as to ignore them I don’t know

Seven goddam eleven

Roxanna, try wearing noise cancelling earbuds, you can get a pair for like $10 shipped on

Yeah my counselor told me to wear earphones when I think something is going on. I have a pair of ear buds as well.

I just thought a dog barking were two people killing each other. How’s that?

Idk I’ve never heard thast. My cat once slapped the ■■■■ out of a dog and he weren’t crying running awau

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