I come here when I’m alone

It’s true, I’ve noticed it a few times now. Whenever I don’t want to be inside my own head I reach out on here. It’s great having the security in knowing I’ve always got a peer.

It’s a tool, it’s a social activity, it’s fun, and it’s a safe space. I like it here.

Walls are moving and I’m getting whispers, and that’s something I can openly share without freaking anyone out. I can’t do that very often in real life.

Wishing everyone in the tribe well! It’s people like you that keep me coming back.


I also have hallucinations nearly every day.

Mine are more auditory, they’re still annoying though.

Take care.


We’re alike in some ways. We both come here daily basically.

Hope you’re doing well monte buddy!


Its one of the few social activities I do and its an active forum, which is hard to find. Pretty close group too.

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It’s nice because you don’t ever have to be alone if you don’t want to be.

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I feel like it’s a dayroom in the hospital when we don’t want to stay in the patient room lol


Hey that’s true, I never thought of that. Good one @Abise

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