I'm leaving ✌🏼️

maybe I’ll come back but maybe not. I just don’t fit in.

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see you next week


I’ve felt that way many times. Taking a break is a good idea sometimes, but I hope you won’t believe you’re any kind of outsider. Stay, or come back when you’re ready. Either way, God bless :blush:

I always thought you fit in here. Maybe you just need a break is all. I hope to see you around.

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Why don’t you stay for a while? We are all dealing with madness here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning:

What are you trying to fit into?..

We all have schizophrenia here or a similar affliction. You fit in by default…you don’t even have to try! :wink:


Seeing this so many times makes it seem like just a symptom of something! So many feel like this. It’s totally okay. <3

Well and if so many feel like this, I’m sure that means you fit in, in some way, yeah?

You’re so lovely btw! Don’t leave. If just for a short time. Its okaaaaaaaaaaay.

Aww I think you’re cool though and fit in just fine. Take care

Just remember you’re always welcome if you want to come back.

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Make yourself at home @eyeofRa. None of us fit in. Most of us feel alienated on these forums at one time or another. It passes.

Why do you feel like you don’t fit in? Has someone been treating you badly? Or disrespectfully? Maybe a moderator can help smooth out the problem if this is true. If you look at my posts I post the stupidest things possible and people rarely complain. There’s room for everybody on here and I actually see people treating you nice. Anyways, it would be a shame if you left.


Ah…your my buddy @eyeofRa …I hope you come back…

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People here seem to write with each other and directly to each other a lot even just saying good morning, hi…
some people here anyway.

I have not written directly to some one many times nor has any one written directly to me many times.
Maybe on couple occasions or so.

Maybe that can make one feel a bit like a outsider?

:slight_smile: I dont seem to fit in either.
In any groups so it seems.
but i think i am wrong about that.

My community and society etc

But I do believe i can and do fit in spirit doing work and also being and having friends etc
In person also some day.

Well if you keep your profile you can come back when you feel like it.

I am bit suprised you feel such way.
You seemed to have direct communications with several people here from what i have seen.
You would write directly to each other in posts.
Maybe you have not written with them for a while and that is why.

The feeling may be temporary and pass soon.


You seem to fit in better than I. Although I don’t know if that is saying much.

What was ur Diagnosis…??? can u share with Us…???

Leave for a while, come back and see if your feeling was right or if you want to join us again.

I don’t think you are an outsider here. All of us are in one way or an other. I sometimes feel sick of my illness. I hate it. I start to think maybe I’m cured. I’m a fake. There is nothing wrong with me. I don’t belong here. I don’t belong anywhere. Nobody likes a fake. But reality always catch you up and bite you in the buttocks.

We all feel alienated and like an outsider. We never belong anywhere. But here. i always feel welcome here. I hope you feel the same when your feeling of not belonging pass.

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nobody’s treated me badly, just I don’t feel I’m ever taken seriously. I often feel like I don’t fit in bc I’m not diagnosed, and I always question myself… I kinda gave up on talking about anything, and every now and then something really is bothering me I’ll mention it and I get shot down ‘maybe it’s this or that’ never what I’m sayin

Well, maybe take a little time off to think about things and sort them out (I know you have other things to do besides come on this site) and try to get a little perspective on your situation here and maybe you will find that your position here is not as bad as it seems.

I understand your frustration, and you have a little paranoia that’s true, but we’re not doctors and we can’t diagnose you at all. All we can do is think with our experience about what you tell us, and most of the time we just want to reassure you it can be other things besides sz. That’s a good thing you know? We care enough for you, we don’t want you to have this illness.

If anyone needs to take your symptoms seriously is your pdoc, so if I were you I would press the subject, ask for a concrete opinion and trust it.

And you don’t need to leave because you don’t have sz, a lot of people here have different dxs or are yet to be dxd.


I know the feeling. It’s as if we were nothing but thin air, instead of solid meaningful substance.

However, if we told folk that we discovered how to make money out of thin air, then they would listen seriously.

Money still outranks man. :disappointed: