I cleaned the bathrooms at last!

After putting it off for a whole week I finally got around to it! Hurray! :smile: So far my meds adjustment is going ok, I have a week to go then I will come off the amisulpride altogether, and just survive on 10mg olanzapine. Haven’t had much problems with depression or voices, it seems to be working. Still low on motivation, though, and I just hate getting up in the morning. If I could I would sleep till noon! :smile:


Good for you! I did the same yesterday, was hard to begin but once it was done… what a relief! ahah

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I hate to do it…
But feels so good once it’s done :slight_smile:

Slow and steady is the way to go…

Glad your starting to feel better…

My sink is getting blocked, I don’t know what went in there, maybe some food. I have to call the landlord.
I’m really feel satisfied when my apartment is clean so I always clean it. My real struggle is with changing sheets, I have to change it on fridays and i feel like crying about it :sleepy:

Lol my sink in the kitchen is blocked too :slight_smile:

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Grab a plunger…fill the sink half way with water…block the little hole in the front of the sink with some toilet paper…then plunge away. That should create enough suction to unclog your drain.


yeah maybe I could give it a try but I need to buy a plunger. :blush:

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Pick one up at a Dollarama for $1.50…

That’s what I did. And it worked!


yeah, there’s one near my place. you know I worked for Dollarama for one year, I did packaging design in the art department. :blush:

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good on you :heart:
take care :alien: