Effing safety locks and sink unblockers

■■■■■■■ safety locks. Bought some Mr Muscles sink unblocker. Took me ages to undo it. Thought being a thick gel it would cut through the standing water and get to work. ■■■■■■■■ - I’ve now got a pool of unblocker in the sink. Phoned up council. It’s not an emergency so no one round till Tuesday!

Plunger time? Assuming a plunger will fit in the sink… might loosen it up enough for the gel to go to work…

Thanks for the suggestion. Have tried plunger. Have tried straightened metal coat hanger . No luck.

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I have this claw thing sort of like a mini snake that I use on my sink. You have to undo the drain and just stick the claw down and grab gunk with it. It is really gross, but works awesome!

OH man! Tuesday? What kinda sh*t is that? How can you get by without a sink til then? I really don’t blame you for being pissed off.

After a lot of effort managed to remove most of the water. There’s still a little lying in the sink hole that I can’t get rid of.