I changed meds nothing much change

I change from xeplion 75 mg to haldol 5mg +abilify 15 mg+parkopan. I felt at start maybe littlebit improvement in motivation. All everything is ok to me just low motivation and low will ., apathy.

But my psichiatrists recomends me to inject xeplion

She is new psychiatrist i change.

Should i go back to xeplion?

My mom says i am now more like swimming somewhere, i dont know what she sees in me

On haldol i am like having temperature and had problems with pulse, now probably good , but if i go for a bike ride it can rise again

Should i go back to xeplion ?

I think i have more motivation on haldol but with xeplion i more awake

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Hmm go with whichever one improved your functioning the most.

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I will onject xeplion next month and will see if i am better … my psichiatrist new can put me on abilify only…but my previous psichiatrist told its too small dosage

All medication works the same or doesnt work

15 mg isn’t small…but if you’re on that and haldol you must have some pretty treatment resistant/strong psychosis, so better to listen to the doctor I suppose.

I think your idea for a trial run of the injection is good.

My mother also wants me to go on injections … i dont know. Not able to do much sucks :grinning:

I was on seroquel 200 mg it doesnt work at all. It was good at first but lAter not ok…

On haldol i also not do much but played littlebit more video games and draw some stuff

But on haldol i feel like i am sick. Like having cold

Maybe i should try zyprex. Never try that. But doctors not reccomend coz it cozes gain weight . But my friend didnt gained weight

Each med has pros and cons

Yeah zyprexa and clozapine are the big weight gain meds, but like you said the meds affect everyone differently so you could be different! There’s tons of meds to try. Geodon I think is least likely to cause weight gain. Then there’s newer meds like Latuda, Vraylar…

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There is no tons meds to try . There are only 10 second gen antipsychotic in states but i live in europe so some of them isnt . And there is 8 first gen antipsychotics, which i am scared of taking. You know they are old and more toxic to brains.

I tryed geodon doesntwork horrible sideeffects

Latuda no latuda in europe

Vraylar i wiil ask about this one

Oh ok, that’s hard that not all are available to you yet. I hope whatever you choose works out for you!

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