I change my religion almost everyday

Is this bad? Lately I’ve been bouncing back and forth between Buddhism and my Christian upbringing.

But I feel I really dig Buddhism at the end of the day. It brings me more inner peace. I just wish there was a sangha closer by me I could join.

I kept switching from Christianity, Buddhism and Atheism when symptomatic and not since I’ve been ill. Now I’m more of a Buddhistic Atheist if that makes any sense. If Buddhism brings you peace you should look into it, inner peace is really important when mentally ill and not everyone has it.

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Thank you for the kind response @Condition1 it does make sense. Take care :v:

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No problem, I’ve learned to respect different religions these past few years.

I have learned to respect different religions as well. I think tolerance is the key to a more peaceful world. Since you’re Buddhist have you ever read any books by Thich Nhat Hanh? I find his work to be very enlightening :slight_smile:

e(Y)e Know , e(Y)e Know … ,

e(Y)e Repeat … ,

Oh Well … ,

8 Spiritual Commandments … ,


1.) Individuality
2.) Creativity
3.) Hope
4.) Love
5.) Peace
6.) Courage
7.) Strength
8.) Patience

(its a win) - (fo reel tho) - (its a win)

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Been an atheist since I was 12, so 20 years now.

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That’s cool. I was an atheist for a long time. And I still struggle with my faith. But whatever brings you inner peace is important. I know with this illness it can be tough.

I find comfort to know that this life is the only one I have. I find that one should be a good person because one wants to, not to get into heaven. I like science and logic.
I say to each their own, and I think that personal faith can be a very good thing for some. I just have a big problem with organized religion and religious extremism. If a person is religious, that’s fine, but when they try to force their religion on me, I get angry. I don’t force my atheism on others.
As long as you don’t harm anyone with your beliefs, it is good that you find comfort in faith.


I agree with you @Evillynn fundamentalism and extremism is a dangerous thing in today’s world.

I am not sure if I am too fond of religion either. That is what I like about Buddhism, it’s more of a philosophy to live by in life, and a path to go down. As opposed to being a religion. But like everything else there are different sects that all interpret it differently.

Nice post. Take care :v:

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I am a Catholic Christian, and I make no apologies for it. But, even so, I meditate twice a day, every day, and I see no contradiction in that. I subscribe to “Mindful Magazine” as well as “Yoga Journal Magazine” and I have a daily yoga practice as well. I attend Catholic mass every week, and I am a Benedictine Oblate, and a Legion of Mary active member. I pray the Rosary and Lectio Divina every day. So, as you can see, I am very invested in my Catholic faith, and yoga and meditation practices.


That’s wonderful that you have found a practice and set of beliefs that work for you. Take care :v:

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Thankyou Chrishasheart!

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You welcome @loveaguilarg :slight_smile:

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im the same way. i meet with the priest, feel like Christianity is the way, then i go to a sangha and feel like buddhism is the way. its worse because the priest insists that the Church has teh “fullness of the truth” which i dont even know what means.


i couldnt be an athiest if i tried i believe in God so much, i can see why people would want inner peace from buddism though especially if they have mental illness but i believe there is more to the world than inner peace i’ll admit idk much about it though


I’m closest to Buddhism and Catholicism and my dad is Jewish. I was raised Catholic. But I’ve read a lot of Buddhism. Don’t consider myself a Buddhist though. But I believe in God very strongly. But don’t associate with any particular religion. Don’t think of it much but I believe in dog backwards.


@Nomad I see where you’re coming from. I think it makes it more confusing for those of us who grew up in a more western background.

A lot of religions say ‘our way is the only way.’ For the MI this can create a lot of confusion in the mind and spirit.

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All hail the mighty potato…


I knew someone would bring the mighty potato into this…