Do you go to church? What religion are you?

I am roman catholic. Don’t go to church. Do you?

No. Non-affiliated.

No i don’t go to church, my mother is catholic and my dad is baptist. My mother in law is penecostal she wants us all to go to church. But my partner and i don’t believe.

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I guess it would be nice to give my heart to a God, but which one do I choose.


I don’t know, sometimes, i do believe other times i don’t. It’s complicated.

I don’t go to church. I was raised in a Christian family.

Believe in what exactly? That this place is divinely ordained?

I heard of a missionary who had been extremely religious throughout his youth. He was a family friend. He eventually went to africa to see if he could help out. He saw the worst face of this world and came back an athiest. We can get away with pretending when we want, to bring comfort to ourselves. Doesn’t change a thing.

i don’t know what to believe, i use to go to sunday school every sunday when i was little.It’s like it comes as intrusive thoughts.

That’s how it works. It’s brainwashing. Fear of hell, hope of heaven. They can’t just tell people to be real and to do good.



Used to lead religious retreats for teens in high school, sing in choir, and read from the Lecturn.

I believe in God. Find myself closer to the eastern-islamic theology and sufism more than to Christianity.
Although I don’t care much in general.

Love this. 15 15 15


Comments on disregarding other’s dis/beliefs in 3…2…1…


I also like sufism. And George Gurdjieff’s and Idreis Shah’s takes on it.


You can always flag that stuff

I Myself Naught Hate But Am Against “organized religion” ,

" DOLLA BILLS Y"ALL " - (_____) ,

But I Myself (Part 2) ,

I Believe In Myself and Who Doesn’t , In Some Sliver Of God’s Consciousnesses Way ,

As I Have Grown and Climbed Out Of Thus Damaged Shell , I have Found Out ,

That Tha Creator Of Our Expanding Universe Believes In Me As Well ,

It Was Deepened Soul Searching Within Blackened Lonli Nites and Such ,

Within Searching For Lights I Found Out That Tha Pain Sometimes Never Ends ,

But Eternity Will Be An Endless Beacon Of Love AND Light AND {whatever you hold tite to} ,

So I Shall Say Thus ,

Believe In Yourself For Once and Then You May Fynde Out Why He/She Has Waited So Long To Speak To You ,

But Don’t Worry ,

Tha Pain That You Are Used To Isn’t Going Anywhere ,

but Share ,

Because Tha Collective Heartbeat Of Thus Soul Searching Spirituality Realm Within Darkness Will Nvr Die . ,

and If You Let Go Of Your Pride ,

You Jus Mite ,

Know Why … ,

Hmm (???)

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No and none. Atheist here

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i seen the devil

Did you say hello?

in psychosis i hallucinted the devil,