I caught my Dad on camera screaming at me then attempting to assault me

If he ever feels like calling me names and making my life miserable again, I have this video saved in multiple places for other’s enjoyment.


Woa. :astonished:

Oh dear… I’m sorry to hear this. I hope you’re doing okay. :blossom:

I’m sorry you have to live in that environment. I hope things work out and you can get it if there soon.

I shoulda done the same thing with my horrible ex but only ever thought of it after things calmed down

Sometimes it is the only way to go.

Otherwise, it can be said we were delusional and just made it up.

I am very sorry it is happening to you. I have been jumped 3 times before. All listed as robberies.(hate crime).

Two of the times I was 12 and 14 yrs old. It was grown men that jumped me.

I am trying to do the same with how I am treated in public by random strangers because of my facial deformity.(film footage)

I have found tiny cameras that come on the end of scopes, but they dont have very much battery life. I could find a way to have record at eye level.

The spy glasses have an even shorter battery life. They also have many problems to get the footage from the glasses to a computer.

I dont know how people are around you, but if they now say i am paranoid and “evidence collecting”, well…

Good luck and wish me the same

You sneaky. I would love to watch it.

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