Do you feel privacy in your life?

it feels like someone(s) invaded the privacy of my life and uses whatever they can get from my privaate life to hurt me with.

it makes me want to run to the police but it won’t do me any good.

what do you do about this feeling? does anyone here have some similar problem?


I feel like I’m going to lose all privacy if I don’t get out of my father’s house in time.

I feel like my mind is an open book.

yeah, yeah we’ve all been there…

I though there were hidden cameras in my room, in the bathroom… my phone was hacked, my computer was hacked… I felt like what the ■■■■…


What’s privacy if someone wants to do someone some harm? Oh, you mean they have laws against that? Really?
It’s better when you know how to work the system and make sure people disregard anything the Sz will say-because it just can’t be real now, can it?

I have felt this recently. I went to the cops, I tried to record what I was hearing. Interesting enough even though I recorded it I kept hearing them talking about me until I got on medication. Then my recordings of the voices I heard outside my house seemed like white noise. It is very difficult to get out of this feeling. I live with my family so I had them try and listen whenever I thought I heard something. I guess you can try that or to record it or whatever. Then go to someone you trust and if they tell you that there is nothing there your best bet is to trust them. When I was going through some of my darkest hallucinations sometimes the only way out was to almost blindly trust people.