Record a record a bully, changes his attitude

So I live with a Dad who
says he can “kick” me out.
Nope. All I need is a cel phone
camera on record, and the
appropriate reason as to why
he wants me out, and it never
got to any escalation. Because
the power of cel phone recording
abusive behavior is concrete.
It can change a raging dad into
a dad in concurrence. As long
as you have the evidence, and
you explain your side. You
in case it does play out which
it won’t most likely, have your
side of the story in which
case any Police will probably
ignore because there are millions
of families going through the
same issues. :slight_smile:

Hey Lester~
How are you doing?

Hi bridgecomet I have alliance with you and others on this site thanks for your likes. Publicly I will answer your question. I am keep myself in tip top shape, physically, researching mentally, and keeping my meds and nutrition under control. As for my Dad, he leaves me alone now ever since I was approved and now I got a Black Card. I still use my cel phone as a lawful justice device. You can film anyone and they change behavior from themselves. It’s a fame, type thing. If someone knows they can be exposed to it doesn’t have to be Police, I look at them as just regular people. And they are a small corporation of mostly family members who fill the gap that is needed in our society to apprehend nasty people. Me and you aren’t nasty people. We have a mental condition. Which had the country politically addressed properly I’m sure a cure could save every demographic from rich schizophrenics to poor class SZA. In fact now I remember bridgecomet, Obama donating 100 million to research of the brain however I cannot recall any research results on that effort. Does anyone know?

**I heard it on the news a while back. I`ll try to find it…

Was a little worried about that situation with you and your Dad. Hope all is well!


Yes me too. I’ll find it later. Just appreciate it no need to be worried. The issue is with his temper that really is all its about, so minuscule a thing. Blown out of proportion. Best is to look at it in a non passionate way keep my mouth shut, if I talk back he thinks its some type of game he must win. I mean that is so petty to me. I just filmed his behavior and he calmed down. Imagine the power of cel phones when our human rights are being contested,