Just had a minor freakout

Here’s the story, I was already doing a vlog today. While letting the gopro empty everything i heard a voice coming from the other room. The same one i had been hearing all morning. So i turned on my cell phone camera to really document a real event. The reaction was very real. Although if the camera wasn’t on i’d be like “WTF is that!!”

Definitely going on the vlog just to show the world what it’s like. But I am doing great, now. I took an ativan, went outside, and smoked a cigarette. Now i’m just sipping on some coffee. Feeling very calm now :peace_symbol:️:peace_symbol:️


Glad you’re feeling better. I hate moments like those.

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Yes we do. And i wanted to capture it on camera to show the world how it is when it happens. Ya know? Of course ya know.

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