I Can't Write Anymore

I guess I mean, I don’t want to more than I mean I can’t.

I love writing, but recently–by which I mean since I’ve come down from my first psychotic break and have been on medication–I’ve lost the will to write. I try to do it every single day, but whenever I do I become easily distracted or else I just can’t think of anything. When I don’t try to write, it feels like I have all kinds of ideas floating around in my head, but the moment I go to even write down the idea it vanishes like it was never there (it’s no wonder I had delusions of people stealing my thoughts).

Does anyone else feel this way when they’re normal? Like you just don’t have the will to break through your own mental wall?

it happens all the time, but you get used to it, you will have your good and bad days , try a dictaphone ! or what ever those things are called you talk into, that way you can remember your thoughts and ideas.
take care

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All the time. I can be here and write and write and go on and on but now that I have to write for class I’m having a hard time getting focused and getting to it. I am also battling a sense of failure. Well, I’m behind before I even try so why try… I will just go swim instead. Sometime for me it’s a true inability to concentrate and that is when I see I forgot my meds. Other times it’s crippling lack of self confidence.

But sometime after a swim, I feel great and then I can get the job done.

i find it hard to sit down at a pc and write so i scribble my ideas in notepads and type them up at a later date. my enemies have given me so much good material to write about. its just a case of having the discipline to write five pages a day. i willget there eventually. even if they don’t get published at least i can say that i did it. it doesn’t matter how long it takes u, just do a little when u feel like it. thats what i do. there’s no rush so i just take my time. xxx

I lost my want to write everything down when I realized it all got altered to fit the reality of those who did not like my version of the truth.

I am in the same boat with you.

Sometimes I got similar feelings about doing writing. Just felt hard to concentrate so easily got distracted. I drank coffee or teas to overcome this problem, yet barely had the effect.

@green5 I drink a lot of coffee myself, and also find it does nothing to help.

@jaynebeal I find it hard to write in any medium, but maybe trying more with pen and paper would help.

Thanks to everyone for responding!

i feel it really does help. that way i can write anywhere at any time i like and i’m not confined to times when the pc is available. if i wrote half as much fiction as i do ruminations and journals i’d have written 10 books by now!

I sometimes start with a pencil + paper, then graduate to the computer. Maybe it’s not quite as daunting that way.

A child crys in a room as if not to go to sleep a mother rests as if the day has her bet and I walk down the sandy road drifts of thoughts pass by the brown moon can not tell me why and if I don’t write it down it wouldn’t come a live to all that I have said it worth good by.

hi pbbm, when it comes to posting i was like you at first trying to post on the old forum

i couldn’t write a proper sentence about myself, i was paranoid and scared so i started writing more in the creativity section and that helped my confidence, small poems and things about how i felt or how i thought i felt and it was a good way at practicing how i felt and writing it down so people could understand. straight thoughts straight from my head typed properly and sometimes people commented and i would try and comment on others poems that i thought were good.

in regards to the diagnosed forum, i posted very simple things at first because i had little knowledge or insight and i was looking for answers, i kept trying to interact despite the paranoia etc but i still had to change my name a few times. hope this helps.