Do you have a problem

With putting your words down on paper !!

Ive tried so hard but they sound so stupid when i write them down, I tear up the paper fast !

I just seems so stupid, when i read what I wrote. It feels like theres this mental block not allowing me to write down what i feel and when i do somehow, i feel really bad!

I also feel like people are watching me write the stuff down aswell. Like im being monitored by invisble people, similar to gods. It makes me vulnerable by writing them down. Evidence for people to find and torture me !

Do any of you have this problem when writing down your thoughts?
Almost like you becoming vulnerable to attacks?



I’ve been journalling for years so writing my feelings and thoughts comes as natural as breathing :slight_smile:


When I pick up the pen to jot down some thoughts, I don’t have writer’s block. But I rarely pick up the pen…


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