Psychosis art poetry lyrics

my first post here.

when i’m on psychosis things sound much more deep, i read songlyrics and actully "feel’, like the symbolism, the hidden messagens or can feel with great intensity what the artist means with the lyrics and i am fascinated by it.

i also feel i have a lot of spiritual knowledge that i got not by reading, but reading confirmed what i felt and know.

so do you write on psychosis? put that powerful ideas on paper? create something beautiful out of “tragedy”?

so that “tragedy” becomes food for the spirit and mind.

i’m absolutely curious about this aspect. i’m lowering my dose and expect to connect with the universe again.

i write songs now on meds but they dont “get me high”. i want my psychotic knowledge back.

would love any input, thanks

ive read this again and it felt like i wanna be on psychosis, thats not true. i want just a little bit of it, maybe the beggining, where i feel i can connect and feel awesome. been there a few times. maybe if i get a really low dose it’s like that, and i can function normally.

i dont know if i should post this on the creative (which says it is for posting our art) or in the general thing.

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Think of it as your former life to have psychosis and write about it when better. Goodluck. Also usually things are not good artistically when sick.

Hey, welcome.
First, are you portuguese?
Second, while we’re psychotic our art seems so much better because we feel everything is in its perfect place when it’s not the case… I also wrote a lot while psychotic and believed it was the best I’ve ever written, but when I read it now it seems like crap a crazy person writtes and all the same old subject… Idk, we’re all different.

I’ve been shocked when I’ve read some of the things I’ve written when I was psychotic.

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That’s bad :confused:

I wish i could write while on psychosis.

i’m brazillian. :slight_smile:
maybe if i put a lot of effort it will turn out to be good?
i can’t believe it is “always” bad
if i cant write now cus meds block my creativity and wont be able to write on psychosis, im lost…

As Minnii said, it seems real good, but it’s not.

i feel just like i dont understand them anymore.

when i was psyctc it made perfect sense.

but then i wrote it so abreviated and not explaining things well.

dont destroy my dreams like that! lol.

i must try it first. maybe i can do it. just a littel psychosis. for fun.

At your own risk. It’s been done. I don’t need to repeat it.

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It can be hard to develop a logical train of thought on paper when you’re psychotic, at least it was for me. My thoughts were racing. It’s hard to judge your own writing, so the best thing to do is get other people’s opinion on something you’ve written.

I have my psychotic raps saved on my old computer, but the computer doesn’t work. If I could get a cable that takes the files and stores it on a cloud I coudl access them. i reckon they’re better than anything I’ve made the past year +

I’ve been meaning to do that

I like the stuff I write now better than when I was psychotic. I try not to dwell on the “i’m sick” subject a lot. So it forces me to think in something else. I was also very angry with the world while psychotic so there’s a lot I’ve written that shows that anger, I don’t really like it.

Don’t drive yourself psychotic so you can have more creativity, that’s a delusion. A lot of the folks here would agree meds change your creativity but doens’t anihilate it, you just have to learn to surf the wave.

Benvindo! Eu sou portuguesa :smile:

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I’m the same way. I’m like on a creative spiritual high when I’m psychotic. (That’s the good side, plenty of not good things happen too lol)

I dunno if my writing is so great on it though…mostly very weird…or nonsensical to the point where if I read it now I have no idea what I was talking about…the drawings I make from it are scary or weird…the poetry I think is excellent though.

i think music doesnt need to be that logical, just express things that generate feelings

now im curious :slight_smile:

obrigado :slight_smile:

its not that i will write about the illness itself. i will just see the world on another lenses. talk the same ■■■■ i would talk sober, but on another perspective. i have experienced much creativity drive when psychotic, used to write a lot what i thought about the world, and i read it later and it was like “wow, thats weird/disturbing/awesome/how could i think of that/deep”. so maybe i can write songs while on it.


I’m like on a creative spiritual high when I’m psychotic

Yeah! thats it.

mostly very weird

If its weird, thats an opportunity to stand out from the others who always talk about the same stuff with the same perspective with the same style. i think its good to be weird. different, original.

the poetry I think is excellent though.

is that really? if you mean what i think i mean, which is an obvious literal interpretation, thats exactly the thing i wanted to hear. thats so ■■■■■■■ awesome. i cant wait.

can you post some of your psychotic poetry?


lol, theres censorship on language here. :neutral_face: