I can't sleep for consecutive nights

I’m thinking about the gym and refund all the time. I read it’s a trap and they cheat. I feel incompetent in protecting myself. If I go to the gym, I’m afraid they would sell me contracts further. They are full of lies. I’m frightened as they threatened me. They said they will keep disturbing me.

I intend to seek for my psychiatrist medical support. I want to look for legal advice. I need a lot of support. I think it is not easy for me. But it’s about a lot of money to me. With my health condition, it might be not possible for me to earn money again.

I feel tense and restless. I’m thinking about this all the time I can’t focus to do anything else. It’s so difficult for me.

I think the gym matters affects my mental state. I’m restless and my thoughts can’t stop. What can I do?

I am sorry but for me personally a gym would not work out - just too paranoid and anxious.
Maybe you can work out at home? Walking or lifting some light weights etc…
I do hope that you feel more on track soon


I can empathize with you completely. I have had sz for over 40 years and every day is difficult. I sometimes need to tell myself to just keep going no matter what is going on. Just keep going, Goggles, and Good Luck!


I have been in similar financial situations, but in most cases I’ve found that it just isn’t worth losing your peace of mind over,… so, I would just consider it a financial loss, (if it were not so great a loss) as if it were a college lesson that I would have had to pay for to learn. Peace of mind is the more valuable commodity.