About to join a gym (anxiety and stress)

I was pretty positive about joining a gym nearby today.

But then I got anxiety for no reason. The more I started thinking about the anxiety the worse it got. Then I started thinking about being at the gym around people. I started stressing out. Then symptoms started appearing.

Now I’m shaking like a leaf. It’s stupid because the anxiety and stress is totally irrational.

I’m going to force myself to go but this sucks. I hope it goes away!


I struggle with anxiety as well.

It’s one of the reasons why I haven’t gone swimming in a while.

I just accept my limits.


I have to start working out. My body is failing me. I can’t walk long distances because of my back problems.

Also I look like a pregnant woman because of the weight gain due to inactivity and zyprexa.

I f@#king hate anxiety. I hate being scared of my own emotions. I’m always full of anxiety and fear. It has ruined every aspect of my life.

I’m sorry for ranting about my feelings. I’m just tired of it. I know everyone with anxiety struggle with these things.


Do you have a benzo prn you could take the first time you go?


No I don’t!

I’ll try to take a nap. Hopefully it will help.


A nap will help me too I just took a two-hour nap and it helped with my anxiety

Also exercise is supposed to actually help with anxiety if you can get it started hopefully after the work out much less anxiety


Enjoy your nap!

Do you have an exercise bike? I like mine. I can exercise and don’t have to go outside.

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No I don’t own any equipment at all.

Phew, I slept for 4h. I had nightmares.


Do you remember what they were about?

I have some bloody nightmares sometimes.


Yes, I remember them. They were about my failures in life.


I hope they don’t ruin your day.

When I have nightmares it sometimes messes up my entire day until I can sleep again.


I ruminate a lot about my past so I’m used to it.

Do you often have nightmares?


I would say once or twice a week.

I don’t know if that’s little or a lot.


To me it sounds like a lot.

Nightmares usually don’t bother me. But when it gets personal and close to reality they bother me.


I hate it when I’m in a nightmare and can’t alter the dream.

Usually I’m good at changing my dreams.



When I first started going to the gym, I discovered that going during the middle of the day on weekdays was the best time. It is more empty, and the people there tend to be retirees or other disabled people. I was self-conscious about how much weaker/slower I would be than other gym people, and this crowd was more at my level, so it boosted my confidence a bit.


I also read a thing from Terry Crews once where he said his secret to staying in shape was to go to the gym every day, but not put any pressure on himself to work out. He would spend weeks sometimes just going, sitting in a lounge area, and reading. He said that the trick was to make the gym seem like a fun, inviting place. He said that when he felt pressured to work out every time he was there, he would avoid going altogether. And then, after a long time away, it was even scarier to return. But by going every day, he could work out or not, and he kept his routine.


So I went to the gym and exercised. I was a nervous wreck but I did it.

I signed for a one year contract.

It’s close to me but I have to walk past a few bars and restaurants with outdoor seatings and they are full of drunk people this time a year. I get very uncomfortable when I walk past them.

Also had issues with maintaining eye contact with the staff at the gym. They probably thought I was weird when I talked to them.


They were probably happy you signed a 1 year contract. They live for those contracts.

I hope you use the subscription a lot.


I have to. My back and hip makes it very uncomfortable to walk. It hurts.

They gym was very nice! People seemed to mind their own business. Which is good!