I can't avoid my bed

For the past few months most of the time I’m home I simply just go to my bed. Even writing this post I’m in bed and have been all day. I woke up at 6 and just stayed in bed except to make food and get coffee. I don’t feel a debilitating depression, actually feel quite balanced but I’m still just heading to bed, I don’t even watch tv, I’m listening to a lot of music. Why can’t I avoid my bed

Well, I’m assuming you live with a parent… So you probably feel less inclined to post up on a couch.

Psychosis and feeling different can cause pressures to isolate for comfort. At least for me.

You can defy this trend as soon as you want too.

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i know , i trip over my bed alot !?! :smiley:
take care :alien:

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I’m with SoitGoes here, @Kellie . And I will suggest that if you’re not “depressed” (at least by your own dx) there may be some cognitive (meaning erroneous belief-based) lockdown going on in your mind. Have you done any effective psychotherapy? Have you looked into cognitive disorders online? There’s a heap of worthwhile data out there (tho one needs to separate the peer-reviewed professional wheat from the “good idea” brand chaff).

What kinds of socializing do you do outside the house? Is there a support group in your area? Are you so truly fortunate as to be an ex-drinker or ex-drugger who can go to AA or NA meetings? How about Celebrate Recovery if your are a Christian? Or Rational Recovery if you’re an atheist?

Hmm, yes, I guess I’m fortunate that I’ve been to at least a thousand AA, CA, or NA meetings.
But do I thank my lucky stars that I’m an addict? No. I would rather have never became an addict and not needed those meetings.

On one level, of course, I agree. On another, thank gawd for them… especially from '94 to '03 when I was Lost In The ■■■■ Storm.

Wow, that’s a long time to be lost. My active addiction took place from 1986-90. Yeah, thank God for AA.

My active substance abuse was from '73 to '84. I hit – and pretty much stayed at – my bottom from '94 to '03. Booze and drugs were my psych meds. (Which isn’t exactly unique.)