I can thrive

Dreams to live,
Wings to fly,

Voice’s of lie,
Makes me high,

Detached from life,
Driven to strive,

Time to believe,
I can thrive.


Koalas are so cute they remind me of a dog :slightly_smiling_face:

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This inspired me to make a drawing. I will do it tomorrow.

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nice poem =) 151515

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Cool Poem @Hachi_TheDog.

Nothing Wrong With Taking A Quick Break From The Sometimes Chaotic Mess Of A World Slowly Devouring Upon Itself To Watch The Hounds Laugh At The Misfortune Brought On From Those Endlessly Devouring On Meaninglessness.

It’s A Sad, Sad Tale Of Jealousy, Spite, Hatred, And Mindless Self Indulgence.

No Secret On That Last Sentence. Maybe A Quick Early Easter Egg Hunt!.

N e Hoo.

Long Moons Ago, I Discovered Poetry And Ended Up Trying My Own Modest Attempt.

And Had Not A Clue If It Was Good, Bad, Or Indifferent.

In The End I Got Some Feedback And It Was Positive.

So I Began My Search For Understanding In Writing More Poetry.

Which Led To Song’s. And Then!, I Even Tried Writing Scripts!.

I’m Slightly Wandering But!, Keep At It. It’s Fun To Let Go, And Discover Your True Potential At Possibly Breaking Down Inner Barriers Of Psychological Standing. And!, Better Yourself In The Long Run. Plus, It’s Never Too Late To Try Something New!.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I’ve typically written a total set-back,
and then correcting it near the end of the work.

I’ve found this is basically for me.
You don’t get many believers.

Poem: Hopefull

Works in a cubical,
Day in and out.
Just to know over-time,
Did matter a-lot.

Time has passed,
Facing the screen.
Typing in duties,
Daily to please.

Company paid,
He survived,
Only to play,
Being a humanoid.

Alone, Again in an Island,
Which seems real.
He saw and heard,
I’m-possible to heal.


Chose right words,
In this small world.
Making sure I sell,
But not end in cell.

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