Sz poem medley

why is my head so broken
why can it not repair
why can’t i peal back the surface
to reveal another layer

is their life after schizoprenia
i really hope there is
but how will i know
unless i get through
the test.

bending minds at will
hell bent on destruction
desire to be well
and function

looking for a cure
an endless journey
never ending
making symptoms fewer
bring me back to life.


Cool poem @mrhappy.


I wrote long poems in Chinese, but I can not do it in English. I wish I could.


you could use google translate could you not?

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That google translation doesn’t work on rhythms. A good poem requires not just nice imaginations but good rhythms also.

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maybe translate it and add rhythm yourself :slight_smile:

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Poetry is very great
Many people, it does elate
Great poets many do in fact
Write poems which are quite exact
(Unfortunately this one’s not intact)

A good poem is, and does
Draw together all the fuzz
In such a verse we all realize
That poems come from between our eyes
(This shouldn’t come as a surprise)

Some poems are light and not that scary
While others make me feel quite wary
For many there seems to be a tradition
Of being severe, like religion
(Maybe we need to make a decision)

Basically, this poem was brief
The writing of it caused me some grief
I feel it is time to retire
The act of it has left me tired
(And maybe, just a bit inspired!)


wow, great poem, great flow and rhyme, you should be a laureate with that, keep writing, we all need to keep our creative juices flowing :slight_smile:

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I have no idea what a laureate is, that’s what google is for!

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did you google it?

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Yeah, thank you for the complement! I like how as a community poets are generally very accepting. Its a strange art imo, I don’t know what standards are used to judge poetry.

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i think everyone has their own standards, we all get something different out of it, each poem is generally unique i think.

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Awesome poem @Andrew … i like it dude…!!! Keep it up…!!!


poems come and poems go
they fall and lie
then melt like snow

they flow like water
and sometimes dry
talk about life
and make you cry

its an endless rollercoaster baby
a loop the loop
with words seems crazy

an expression from the deepest heart
of such relief to write
and on that note i shall depart
and follow on the light.


WAY better than my poem, great flow and not an awkward bit! I think it was outstanding!

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I think yours is better haha

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You must be joking! Mine sounded like children’s poetry. Like Shel Silverstein or Roald Dahl or something. Lots of awkward moments and phrasing. I can’t take what I did seriously. Yours on the other hand was almost perfect in my opinion.

We just have different styles, I really enjoyed yours and it inspired me, so keep writing :wink::slight_smile:

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So we came into this life, I could never understand.
I delighted in the highs, you held me in quicksand
I was me and you were you
but in the darkest moments we were no longer were two

So in those darkest moments we merged as one
No longer the daughter, no longer the son
We were as one and the journey it did dance
perhaps it was never really, no it, was never chance

So I thank you for this time we knew as one
I never could have created it, never saw the sum
But through the ups and downs
I never ablated it, we were always one.


Luvit! Really good stuff.