I can’t stop (May be tmi)

Having sex with my boyfriend. This wouldn’t be an issue except I kept doing it to the point where I got really messed up physically and am supposed to not do anything for at least a week, ideally 2 weeks. But we literally can’t stop and pretty much every time we end up together we end up at least trying even if we have to stop because it hurts so much. We are both just idiots without self control.

I am really worried I am going to cause myself lasting damage. Did anyone else have experience with this? Am I freak? Do I have an issue? How can I stop?

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Maybe you guy’s are sex addicts.
Sex is like everything else; it’s good in moderation.

You might find a website that has a “test” for sex addiction to see if you’re addicted.

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You’re not a freak! With that being said if a doctor told you to not have sex for a couple of weeks to heal then it’s best to heed that advice.

If you think you are addicted to sex, then there is help for that.

Try your best to control it though or you could make the injuries worse.

that sounds painful !! why can’t you guys abstain until you heal??? wth

You don’t have a pain disorder do you? I used to be limited because of my chronic back pain, sometimes I’d really feel it in the morning especially if I pulled a muscle which is easy to do. If you don’t have chronic pain and you’re feeling pain after sex that’s odd, I guess I would stop and give it a break.

I don’t know!! It scares me and stresses me out!!

No we had sex so much it gave me cervicitis, vaginitis and a UTI. I went on medication for it but since we never stopped doing it I never healed because of course everything is super inflamed.

I had him get checked for any STD’s since he’s slept with someone else before but he was clean so the doctor said I literally just got all that from doing it too much.

if you two can’t keep away from eachother, don’t visit for a month…sorry that’s the best I can come up with.


Yes I even suggested something like that that we just can’t see each other for 2 weeks. But that is very difficult too. Then we tried only spending time together during the day but then we’d always end up together at night anyways. We lack self discipline I think.

well this sounds manic to me…can you share this with your pdoc??

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Ok I will thank you. I see my therapist this week too and will mention it. I don’t feel manic or anything.

I’ve done this before and you just have to give yourself time to heal,

At least a week.

Try some other ways to get that pleasure, aside from vaginal intercourse.

And I’d bring it up with my therapist, but I don’t think you sound like a sex addict,

I think it just sounds like you’re in a new exciting relationship and having healthy sex for the first time.


This smacks of co-dependence. If it’s disruptive, you may want to explore establishing boundaries. Or maybe you’re just young and horny.

We try to but the “other things” we do then lead to sex. I’ve been trying to abstain for 2 weeks now and the longest time period I have gone without in that time period has been 2 days. I think the feeling of having a lack of control is stressing me out.

I don’t think we’re codependent. We have only been dating 2 months almost 3 so we are still obsessed with each other.

Best of luck to you.

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I understand, but you can abstain for your health,

Have you considered just not seeing each other for about a week?

Maybe just do skype sessions or something.

Or try anal.

(Maybe TMI)

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You’d think I could but when we’re together things just change no matter how deadset I am on not doing anything. Not seeing each other was extremely difficult. We actually did try anal (lol) and were pretty strongly unsuccessful. It’s hard.

I think I’m going to try to figure things out with my therapist. She does a good job of helping me get to the underlying reason behind my feelings and behaviors.

I feel that I’m using sex as a way to try to escape my stress the same way I did with the demons. I have been immensely stressed lately.

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I had one partner where we were addicted and i ended up with vaginitis and hospitalised with mono from doing it so much. I had to literally stop talking to him and stop going to his house at all for a few weeks so i could heal other wise if we met we’d do it again. He already had a blister on his difk and ED from masturbating too much when i met him. Idk how he gets on now but nowadays im not sexual at all since my health went so bad during that relationship

If you keep having sex when you’re meant to heal it will get infected or chafe and bleed like mine did and thats really painful. The best way to help heal is avoid meeting your partner or if it’s bad enough stop talking all together until you heal properly. The more you have sex the more they’ll expect it from you and eventually your body will never heal. I was terrible with self control then but having a hobby thats just as energy and time consuming will hopefully distract you from sex and thats what helped me in the end. But yeah having too much sex can get very bad very quickly (physically and mentally)

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I know I’m a bit late commenting but is there a way you could be held accountable? Like have another friend with you who will promise not to leave until he does so he doesn’t stay over… someone you already spend a lot of time with who can pretty much supervise you.
I know that may not be possible but aside from not seeing him at all for a few weeks it’s the best I can come up with.

It really would be a good idea to stop asap though because you may get scarring and other permanent damage if you haven’t already

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