Things I hear

My voices are telling me to overdose…

don’t listen to them =O

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Don’t do it. Don’t listen to voices

Sometimes but not that often, I do listen to them

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Try not to listen to your voices

It’s hard, trust me, it’s hard

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Call your dr if you can’t ignore what your voices are saying. You’re a danger to yourself. You can go straight to the ER too. Or call a crisis hotline


They will lock me down, if I tell them all

You need treatment if your voices are telling you to overdose and you’re having trouble not listening to them. At least try a crisis line. @ninjastar

If you are feeling suicidal or having a mental health crisis, please tell someone — a friend or family member, a teacher, a doctor or therapist or call 911 (if you’re in the U.S.) or the Emergency Medical Services phone number in your country.

You can also call a crisis intervention hotline—these are available in the U.S. and in many other countries. You do not need to be actively suicidal to benefit from a crisis hotline.

International crisis hotlines:

Crisis hotlines in the U.S.:

More resources:

Are your voices, lifelike, intelligent? Sound like real people messing with you? Or are they these voices which just say one or two words

My take is the ones that sound like real people figured it out while the ones that are just words are people projecting without knowing it

Why do they want you to overdose?

And why do you feel you need to listen to that it’s your life you wont get it back

Dont do it. What else do your voices tell you? They can be really loud at times it’s hard not to listen to them

Place headphones on and ride them out, humming also works well in blocking out toxic content of which your ‘voices’ will be having a ball over.

Maybe call your G.P and tell them you having a bit of a rough time, hope all is well and you beat them, at the end of the day they ‘voices’ are the most cowardly shame artists ever.

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