I can feel it it is already a good day


Woke up feeling rested. Got a whole day in front of me a nothing to do. Just going to chill on my computer for a while. Later on have a shower get dressed and find some food. I need to go grocery shopping and stock up. ■■■■ this illness and the symptoms. I dont think its going to phase me today. Voices were a little more present this morning, but they quieted down pretty quickly. I think they are losing their grip.


Yeah, the day is good. I feel like I’m getting better. :smile:


It’s great that you’re having a good day. Those good days where you feel in control of all your symptoms are a blessing with schizophrenia. It almost feels like a vacation from the illness.

My day has been pretty good so far, too. I had a cavity filled at the dentist then went shopping with my dad. I’ve been a little anxious lately, but it’s not too bad. I still might ask my doctor if he can write something for it, though, since they have me labled with generalized anxiety disorder. In the meantime it’s not something I can’t deal with.

I’m going to try and play some Insurgency on PC today. It’s a tactical FPS that focuses on realism.


Yeah, you gotta take advantage of the good days. Don’t worry about the bad days; they’ll be back soon enough.


Don’t remind me man… What a downer jk but really there has to be a slight amount of progression with this.