I feel well today

I feel well today, and its due in large part because of things the good people at this site have said to me. I wanted to post a thread to say thank you to mention that:

  1. I don’t feel isolated, since I see that solitude is perfectly rational provided my needs are being met, and I am having enough human contact. There is no gulf between the amount of human contact I have and the amount others have; this perception is arbitrary and illusory.

  2. I don’t feel badly about my incontinence issue as it relates to schizophrenia. I’d been searching for the people who could understand my particular situation with developmental disability on other websites, and found nothing but nonsense. Here I found understanding and acceptance.

I don’t expect a lot of traffic on this thread, but I wanted to put my feelings out there because they are genuine. Thank you, and I mean that.


No sweat mikee…

We all have our good days and bad days. We’re all in this boat together on this forum. We all have our ‘moments’.

I’m glad you’re feeling better. Just keep on keepin on like the rest of us!


All is well. And I shall. Thanks again.

Thought of dropping by, I wish you continued wellness.

Thank you Sparso.

Glad that you are feeling well today @mikee - I will have my good and bad moments

We all do, that’s for sure. We just got to hang in there and keep batting.


good on you.
take care :alien:

Im glad your feeling better and I hope it continues