Do you like girls or boys? 👫

My childhood best friends, I love. I don’t remember anytime I have had a big fight with any of the girls I have grown up with. Maybe 1-2 through the 16 years of my life.

After growing up, all of my partner’s friends like me. I get along with men a whole lot better than women.
The married ones, the single ones, etc everyone usually likes me in a friendly way.

Out of 10 girls I meet, 5 I don’t get along with. Out of 10 men, 1 I don’t get along with.

In an online community of only women, I felt like if I stayed there any longer, I would have pulled someone’s hair off. They’re CRAY.

I can confidently say, most of the time, I like men better than women as friends or partnership.

What about you?

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I get along with the President of the company, just as well as the Janitor. I’m a man of the people. I get along with most everyone! :slight_smile:

I prefer female friends, at my age most are married and really can’t be friends

I guess I don’t like people a lot to be honest.

But men are so much more chill, most of the time. I can tell when a business account is managed by a woman or a man from their emojis, messages, wording.

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I think most single women your age have no interest in the dating world, but lots of women are single and looking for someone. Friends or partnership.

Men are usually more straight forward i find. There’s something to be said for that. I love women as well, but i find there’s more gamesmanship sometimes where it need not be.

In high school, if two guys hated each other, they’d duke it out in the parking lot and that would be the end of it.

The girls, however would be catty and gossipy all year long towards one another.

Yes. Men and women are vastly different, but I get along really well with both sexes.


I have almost no female friends.

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I don’t know.

I have been hurt by women a lot throughout my life. Like really awfully.

Men, once maybe.

I get along with almost anyone. But I find women are often more likeable than men. Men can be arrogant. Women have more realistic views of themselves.

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Have you taken a break from Moderating? And, if so, are you feeling better?

Just curious.

I took a three day break and now I’m just trying not to spend much time here.


I thought this was a turn on? :rofl:
Kidding. Men may be arrogant with other men I guess. A few times I’ve noticed something happening with me.

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I love all people, but I have a special place in my heart for girly girls, it just makes me want to get a make over, idk why!?! When I was younger I didn’t get along with women, especially not the cheerleader type, but now I embrace them and appreciate their positive energy. I think I was a Barbie in my past life.


I find my current girlfriends kind of annoying. I still hang out with them, I just don’t like the way they think.

My Canadian friends are different. There is def a cultural difference as well. I get along with them better. The girls my age who have similar careers.

Sometimes I meet really nice ones, who are funny, kind and supportive, like you so those are cherished.

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I prefer same-sex friendships.

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Everybody’s an ■■■■■■■.quasall


I prefer female friends,

Always have.

Seems like with men it always turns into a sex thing.


‘CRAY’ I’ve not heard that word for a long time, they used it a lot in a forum I used to visit.

I’m a guy and I prefer women personally, but honestly I hate everyone the same :slight_smile:


I like women a whole lot better than most men, the men i know are ok but the women are more precious to me,

I am best friends with a 23 yr old beauty with pink hair and a beautiful 5 yr old daughter, we had a takeaway at her place couple of nights ago and watched a film called ‘the interview’ was really good.

My other bestie is a guy but he is a bit rough around the edges, he is a really nice guy but most guys i feel intimidated by, they have to be really nice and i think thats harder to find in guys,

I sometimes clash with certain guys, only two women in my life were complete bitches


most of my friends are female, nonbinary or transmen, though i have a couple gay cis male acquaintances. almost no straight cis men are friends with me tho

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