I booked my next Sri Lanka trip for 5th March 2024

Going for 26 days again and staying in the same hotel in Hikkaduwa, I’m thinking about hiring my friend and driver and doing a 6 day trip to Kandy, Ella and Sigiriya by car. I’ll have a lot more disposable income this time. I’m looking forward to it. This will by my 3rd time visiting Sri Lanka.


How are you able to travel so much only on disability? Or do you work? Or did you inherit money from a passed away family members?

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UK benefits are very generous and I have minimum outgoings as I live in a group home with 3 other people so everything is split 4 ways. I’m able to save quite a lot of money. My care team is happy I travel as it gives me something to focus on and look forward to and this keeps me well.

I’ve only had one vacation this year so will have a lot more money for traveling next year.

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