On the Sri Lankan visa application they ask you what occupation you are

I put disability pension. It went through okay and I got my visa. I was worried about that,

I got my insurance £778 for an annual policy. This means I’m going to have to go in another holiday in Jan next year to make the insurance cost worthwhile. I’m going to go to Kerala in India. I will but disability pension on their visa application too,.

@Om_Sadasiva I was worried about not getting approved.


Nice. Everything ok.
Were you worried it may not be approved?

I hope you have fun in Sri Lanka. How long are you going for?

28 days. I have to be back for the depot and that is how long pdoc said I could go for.

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I think we are considered rich in Sri Lanka with our disability benefits. An engineer from India here said our benefits is more than his salary.

Nice one

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@Aziz. A bank manager in India get 50.000 rupees a month in wages, that is considered very good wage. But thats only £600 in British money. That is a 3rd off what I get in benefits.

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I wish you a good vacation

JC - 28 days is unheard of back in the days of working and my generation in the US, a two week vacation was max.

I get it now. Plus being on disability. But that’s along time.

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Enjoy your holiday! Are you staying in a hotel or backpacking around?

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You might want to climb the Ambuluwawa Tower, it’s a nice experience and cool view from atop (or so I hear)…

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