Unsure what to do about Vacation to Sri Lanka

I have Sri Lanka booked for November but keep thinking what about if I go in March instead. its the same price for flights and accommodation.

The thing that makes me want to in March is that I can afford it so why wait? And if I wait until November I’ll be over the disability benefit theshold for savings in my personal accounts. The way my saving money I can always go abroad again in November.

Whats putting me off is that I’m overweight and wanted to lose some weight before I go and my IBS plays up a little bit.

Should I wait or go in March. What would you do?

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It must be good to live the high life. I can’t even afford to go to the kitchen for a glass of milk.


Sounds like you have done quite well out of it being able to save so much!

May as well spend it if they will take it away by November

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Thought you blew a month of income just recently hanging out and were gonna save up again?
NVM - I see about savings.

I have decided. I’m defiantly going in March to Sri Lanka. I can’t book flights yet as passport is locked in the office. I just booked accommodation and travel insurance. I got quoted £1306.56 just for the 28 days from a compere site for 28 days away. I kid you not. I did a bit off googling and managed to find a price for £757.21 but this is an annual insurance.

Since I’m going to Ireland, Isreal, Italy this works out cheaper. Just alone for Israel for was £250 so this works out better. I’m excited now. Going on the 1st of March,

Hey man, would you like to trade problems??


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