I believe in fate. There are many things can't control. Just let it go

to be honest, I never predicted I will bocome a schizophrenia patient one day. And I can’t choose my onginal family. Of cause ,we can change our life by the effort, but we must admit that there is a fate. maybe is because of personality or character.

It’s a broad concept that can be looked at in many ways. It’s kind of an esoteric concept. By fate, do you mean that as humans our lives are pre-destined?

nah man… Can’t say it was fated that you were a SZ… inevitable… maybe. Predetermined… certainly not…

The universe is very chaotic and no you didn’t get to choose your life… The last thing though is guilt yourself or try to find out why YOU… among all the others (who are in some cases far worse “people” than you) get the illness instead.

It’s just nonsense… and I’m sorry you are SZ.

but you aren’t alone man… so are we. It doesn’t make sense and probably never will.

take care my friend

there is a chinese saying:

the same boat with a hundred years of cultivation, the Millennium obtain Sleeping sleep.
But maybe this is the way to make me accept myself.


you sounds like an atheist

oh and most certainly am… thanks for the label broseph