What is my fate?

It’s laid out before me right now and it’s all underway.

And i can’t do anything about it either.

It’s all predestined and i can’t stop any of it.

Im a genetically predisposed choice making machine thrust into the world, what is my fate for the rest of this?

I could even chart out my own death right now, it’s all predestined and there is nothing i can do about it.

It’s all like a river, the river must follow topography, it can’t flow where it wishes in the least. “Well why don’t you just flow the other way river?!” They’ll shout and he just goes “im a river, thats why.”

I don’t much like or appreciate this place.

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It’s not predetermined… It might as well be but its not.

At least the future is hidden from us giving us the illusion of choice.

Don’t be a pussy. If we are predetermined, so are the entities. They are no different in fundamental sense of autonomy. Discuss.

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Think about it, what makes their sense of free will magical, but ours not?

Lots of the poor people feel that way. School was terrible, only okay to fill out Walmart or McDonalds applications. College is not possible or professors are jerks. Try to take minimum wage job to survive, live with the parents while you wait 4-years on Section 8 while you have 2-3 kids, then you cannot get by on minimum wage and end up dealing drugs just to survive.

These people feel fate. Military is an options with college education available later.

Some of the religious think it is God’s commandments and go harm people. The rest of us refuse crazy, call it free will, steer clear of the thugs/nuts/psychos and party as we can. We can even work schizod once we find an employer who appreciates our talents and personality.

Learn about Free Will. The only thing that makes you powerless is your belief that you are powerless:



Can’t learn about something that doesn’t exist really.

Im an organism, a brain, it does what it does and was placed in a situation.

It’s all fate.

I watched the theory of everything last night. OK movie , not great. Hawking developed his illness in his twenty’s he is now 72, You may indeed have this illness for the rest of your life , maybe that is predetermined , granted , but people do and can recover to live a decent and full life.


This is the key point.

You may have a lifelong illness like Hawking - but you can decide to do nothing and focus on the negatives and the unfairness of it all - or you can decide to live the best life you can and work hard to make things better. And as in the case of Hawking, your life may be better than that of a lot of people who don’t have the illness.

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Yes, people do and can recover to live a decent and full life, this to is predertimined.

Yes, and you are the one who determines-in spite of it all…XOXO

pansdisease, you’ve been listening to too much Sam Harris!

I determine things with a predetermined mind and heart.

I make choices but do not choose these choices.

We react just like chemicals in chemistry class, thats all we are.

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I don’t know who that is.

And don’t care to look, this reaction was predetermined, it just occurred in me.

This is Sam Harris. You might like him.

Nothing is final until it happens, that’s what I always say.

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You are the one who does all that predetermining( did I spell that right?). Go inside and check it out.

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What i am and do is also predetermined, i didn’t choose what i am, i just do stuff, im a choosing machine/organism.