I believe I have about 10 - 18 years left

I was told by a medical accupuncture teacher that i have only 10 - 20 years left to live.

I have my death locked in and I believe it is too late for me to be healthy enough to survive into old age (I’m nearly 43)

I don’t know if you have any advice,

what is the best thing to do with your only 10 years as an adult with a bit of money, (some anyway)

I am trying to be more healthy (lots of veggies, trying to sleep better, exercise)

my husband might not even get to retirement age, so we would have no real time together outside holidays. We could try to get him to have some time away from work? - this would be a blow to his job security though.

Travel always comes up for me as important and we have a lot of good times when he’s off work ( a few weeks a year )

I’m on disability but have property and i guess security does seem better than selling everything / spend it all.

Should my husband have a longer life with no me in it - he might be able to live well in a smaller place owned outright… so potentially we could spend half our house money…

I guess that could be as much as 150 grand we could live off…

but is that ridiculous, based on the fact that i have given up smoking for 11 years ago and have good health generally.

We would one day need a smaller living space but is it criminal to end up living in a more basic place when we have this amazing space for the minute

l believe you will probably live longer than you predict. I don’t think an acupuncturist could make an accurate prediction about your mortality. Nevertheless, it’s good to live like you have limited time to experience life’s best experiences. Decide what you like best and do that, but don’t waste your money, because you might need it for old age.


I have security for old age in a trust fund - i will always have 800 - 1000 a month just in payments from that
and my benefits are not means tested
I think i could have a way of spending better time here

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if your health is good and you don’t smoke, you can expect to live until around 80, that’s about the average life expectancy.

on what basis is your acupuncture teacher giving this prediction? is she or he qualified to give such predictions? sorry but your teacher sounds like a quack to me, and i would pay no attention to predictions on your lifespan. actually i’d stop seeing her or him altogether.

Everyone has a countdown timer, you are not alone, Chrystal.

You may live more than 18 years, or you might live shorter than 10 years. Nobody knows for sure.