What would you do if you found out you have declining health and lots of money?

I’m wondering because I think I have life shortening illness ( diagnosis not certain yet but something is wrong with me )
And I have a bit of money in property

My husband works full time so he might get some time off maybe I can help him by downsizing and spending quality time instead of difficult days when he’s tired and unmotivated

If this was the situation what would you do?
I don’t know yet if I have a little time or a more general shortened life expectancy
I’m 42
Wouldn’t do anything till diagnosis

@Thanna wow I am so sorry I hope your diagnosis turns out not to be life threatening !! I will pray for you.


I have simple needs, just make yourself happy without spending to much, I would try not to do things that would bring stress on me

If i had 500 million usd to pay to be stable and not hallucinate i would pay it in a heartbeat.

I might go skydiving though hahahahah

I would do what I’ve already done. That is, move into an assisted living retirement community. They treat you like kings and queens in these places and they take care of you too when you have declining health. I highly recommend.


haha that made ma laugh <3

I hope your diagnosis isn’t serious.

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